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Experience the speed and simplicity of creating a fully functional Asterisk monitor tailored to your needs, with customizable dashboards for  obtain a real-time overview of the status of the call center, it is also the perfect ally for your agents to streamline tasks automatically.


CALL CENTER: Metrics and dialer

With QueueMetrics (Metrics)

Monitor the productivity of your agents, supervise the fulfillment of your campaign objectives, generate customized reports, audit the quality of calls and view the statistics of your operation through your personalized dashboard. 

and productivity of your campaigns in real time through personalized metrics.

Measure, analyze and improve…



Enjoy a powerful reporting module with more than 200 metrics. 


Audit the quality of your calls and measure the SLA's of your operation. 


Pay only per license and number of agents, obtaining all the functions regardless of the size of your company or call center. 


Sell more.


Build your custom dashboard and automatically receive your personalized reports.


Distribute your call center calls at your convenience.


Maximize the productivity and effectiveness of your call center. 

Provide better service.

Effectively monitor the productivity of your agents and queues in real time.


Integrable via API by third-party platforms such as ERP, CRM or BI. 


Increase customer loyalty.


Specialized support.


  • Software management from the cloud as a service (SaaS).

  • There is no need to purchase, maintain, or upgrade hardware.

  • Pay only for what you use.

  • Integrated softphones, simply use your browser or smartphone and save on Voip phones.

  • Compatible  with any version and configuration of Asterisk,  Elastix and FreePBX.

  • Single and multiple reports for queues/campaigns.

  • Breakdown of weekly activity in days or hours.

  • Measurement of business objectives against SLA.

  • Analysis of the performance of the personnel in the automatic distribution of calls / non-ACD activities.

  • Comprehensive performance reports per agent and per queue.

  • Report data exportable to MS Excel, CVS, XML, PDF.

  • Detailed activity report in real time with definable alarms.

  • Multiple customizable board modes in real time.


Some features
that will surprise you

  • Detailed reports on call activity by queues, agents, locations and time period.

  • Detailed information of the call including the Asterisk Call ID of the Asterisk call and  the recorded call.

  • Audit call quality, perform spy/whisper monitoring functions and conveniently access your recording history through a centralized dashboard.

  • Control panel in real time, which shows the activity of the call center of each location, with functions of administrator and live call supervisor.

  • Track call completion status and agent pause codes, plus you can view activity and duration statistics with ACD tracking.

  • Total reports of answered and unanswered calls with times, position and causes of disconnection.

  • Customized metrics accessible by web in real time, generation of  reports and history. They can be exported in various formats, including Excel.

  • Its architecture allows its installation on the same Asterisk server or on an alternate server.

  • Powerful reporting module to obtain detailed statistics by hours, days or weeks with more than 150 metrics related to your agents, the number of calls answered or lost, duration, waiting times,  Cause of  disconnection, call distribution and SLAs.

  • Complete call distribution statistics, including billable and payable agent time with total statistics for sales, contacts by week, day or hour, and conversions.

  • Live agent page with queue statistics and agent controls.

  • Admin message broadcast  integrable with SMS functionality.

  • Control Panel  with full agent availability with session and break details and history.

Over 200 metric metrics to analyze and improve performance
of your call center that will surprise you

With Wombat Dialer

Generate outbound calls in bulk


Maximize the productivity of your Call Center thanks to this powerful next-generation predictive dialer, a world leader.

Includes all types of marking:  predictive, progressive, forward, reverse, preview and manual.

It is a solution is highly scalable, multi-server, easy to use  and works with your existing Asterisk PBX. 

Higher performance

and sales in less time.

Easily manage campaigns, increase agent productivity, and enhance your call center with queue recovery features, call forwarding options, different dialing modes, and more.

some uses



Send a (personalized) message  pre-recorded to a number of recipients, including:  

  • automated notifications,

  •   cancellation of events or subscription

  •   appointment reminders. among others.


Schedule telemarketing campaigns  and sales by eliminating  idle times, send a recorded message to your contact list with the option to reply or contact the agent.

  • Set a time limit on calls

  • Schedule appointment reminder  or  cancellations.

  • Follow-up of subscriptions and renewals.

  • product offers

  • Track debts, keep your portfolio up to date, sending pre-recorded collection reminders.

  • Conduct phone surveys  with IVR settings and tracking system.


voice conferencing

Make conference calls with multiple users, executing a simple command, without the need to call each user separately.


telephone surveys

contact users  with an automated service  of telephone surveys, which allows you to program various response options with immediate display of results.


  • Work with predefined contact lists or integrate them dynamically via API.

  • Allows load sharing with one or more PBX servers.

  • It has very flexible logic for rescheduling missed or uncompleted calls.

  • It has been designed and programmed to be used with your current Asterisk IPPBX without the need to use servers or  additional lines.

  • Calls can be made either over VoIP or through the public telephone network and conventional links.

  • Integrable with real-time monitoring systems such as Queuemetrics.

  • Simple and automated installation.

  • It allows running multiple campaigns in parallel.

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