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Who are we?

We are a visionary team, close to our clients, experts in the latest telecommunications technologies, agile service providers and integrators of the most innovative tailored solutions.

Passionate about developing and offering innovative services for in-house call centers. 


Aló was born on June 27, 2003 in the state of Florida, United States. We are an American company, our history began when we implemented Orbitel's operation in the US. We have suppliers and a technical team in the United States, Venezuela, Mexico and Colombia, with clients throughout Latin America, where we have strong commercial coverage and specialized in 16 cities.  With more than 18 years of experience in the Telco market.

Are  pioneers and experts in VoIP projects, IPPBX Asterisk  and solutions for Call Center and carrier in the US and Colombia.  

We provide advice to recognized companies from the different productive sectors of the country.  

Thanks to our large team of engineers, creatives and experts in Information Technology, we develop, install and provide direct support to our clients, offering them a personalized service capable of adjusting to the specific needs of any organization, all under our unique seal: A Business with Soul.


Our philosophy

At Aló we decided to rethink the challenge, building a work philosophy that would become the basis of our "way" of doing things, our real " reason why " which moves us every day to grow in the different aspects of our lives.


  From there our philosophy A Business with Soul is born, which frames our actions and inspires us every day to deliver our services in a way that transforms our professional and personal relationships focused on impacting, inspiring and leaving a mark on everyone around us.


A Business with Soul is the expression of our goal to positively impact our environment and to be better every day. What has marked our evolution from a B2B (Business to Business) company to an H2H (Human to Human) company, which supports communication between the parties based on close, expert and genuine contact. 

Thus, these are the beliefs that inspired this philosophy of working with our clients:  


We genuinely care about people, our team and our clients.


We believe that great companies are made of great people.


All our actions are framed in our company values.

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