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Testimony of some of our CLIENTS


Andrew Valencia

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“We have been working with Aló Global for more than 5 years. They have been our ally in communication issues. We have always had the technical support and the commercial area, who support us with our new requirements. We greatly appreciate this relationship."

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Clara I. Gómez R.

“Promotora Médica Las Américas considers Aló Global as a strategic ally, and not just as a supplier, because for more than 8 years it has accompanied us throughout the company's internationalization process. The technical service and the support in the development has been exceptional and during all these years, we have not considered any other option that exists in the market, because we feel sufficiently accompanied with Aló Global»

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Carlos Mosquera

“I have been working with Aló Global Technologies for approximately 5 years. The experience with them has been very positive, by using their services we were able to significantly reduce communication costs at Inexmoda. I have seen the evolution of Aló Global, today they are a robust company that offers services in all senses: in the cloud, devices, among a large number of products. I have noticed a growth in its maturity and as a supplier, which gives one the peace of mind of being able to work with a company like this. Recommended 100% by 100%.»


Javier Ortiz


“Hello Global is an excellent provider. The work experience has been very direct, close and pleasant, I don't feel like I go to an account executive to attend to me, just because they have to attend to me, because they have a strong inclination towards customer satisfaction and that is very important. They use very good brands of devices, for all telephony services, they have product diversification, all solutions are comprehensive and very complete.

Previously we worked with analog telephony, after starting with Aló Global 3 years ago, we managed to have a national integration in terms of telecommunications and videoconferencing, obtaining excellent results. I would recommend them to other companies, as it is a very comprehensive provider and the experience has been very good.”


Gloria Manrique


“We have been working with Aló Global for 4 years. The services they have provided us have helped us transform our perception of technology and the scope of videoconferencing and long distance services. Thanks to Aló Global we have become an example to follow within the corporation on how to be more productive, competitive while saving budget. In addition, those who have attended us are excellent on a personal and professional level”

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