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We know from studies of science and from our own experience that having a purpose in life is what really drives individuals. In human beings, the highest purpose is HAPPINESS , which we seek to achieve through different paths: personal and professional, we are integral beings who seek balance in our lives.


Based on the understanding of this process, at Aló we became fully aware “that happiness is found along the way and not in the destination” and that life, including work time, is to be fully enjoyed!

Our challenge? Turn this philosophy of personal life into a business, from day to day.

This is how Delivering Happiness at Work was born at Aló , with the aim of creating a happy work environment, where we enjoy what we do because we are passionate about it, where people's genius is heard, where we focus on an excellent quality of life, where there is constant communication at all levels and particularly where we act as a team but with a family spirit, thus achieving enjoyment along the way, real commitment, a lot of creativity and extraordinary results: HAPPINESS .

Delivering Happiness at Work ” is our internal philosophy on which our values are based, which we strive to honor in our daily actions, because we firmly believe that by prioritizing happiness at work and in life, we can generate changes in our environment, even beyond what we thought was possible.

Values that inspire us

Values are our framework for action. It refers to the system of meanings shared by all the members of the Aló Family, which define our personality and mark the way in which we relate to our clients and among ourselves.

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